The Best Reviewed Halloween Costumes for Kids On Amazon

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As Halloween approaches, it’s time to start looking for the perfect costume. Whether you’re a mom or dad trying to find the right thing for your kid or someone searching for their outfit, Amazon has you covered. Best of all? The site is full of reviews from people who’ve tried out these costumes before. Here are some of our favorite best-reviewed kids’ Halloween costumes on Amazon, according to Editor choice!

Best-rated costume for kids

1. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Costume Set

Nearly 90 percent of reviewers gave this firefighter costume set – sold by the famous, well-known manufacturer [[Melissa & Doug]] — a five-star rating.

The set includes:

  • A helmet, coat with silver reflective stripes, and black shoulder patches.
  • Two badges.
  • A fire extinguisher.
  • A bullhorn.
  • A safety vest and a firefighter’s ax.

The other accessories include an adjustable belt for the coat and safety glasses.

These items are made out of actual fabric, so they will not cause children to sweat or overheat while playing in them. After use, they also required very simple hand-washing, so parents can expect them to last through multiple dress-up sessions without fading or fraying.

Children should feel like real firefighters while wearing this set because it is labeled as being flame retardant. However, reviewers were pleased with how well this costume matched the typical firefighter’s uniform, and they expressed their satisfaction with the quality of each item.

The only reviewer who appears to have had a problem with this set was unhappy because her son quickly outgrew it. However, she also pointed out that he loved wearing it. If you are looking for a long-lasting costume that will withstand hard play, then you might want to consider another option. However, if your child tends to be rough on dress-up clothes but loves role-playing as firefighters, then this is the perfect choice for them.

Best-rated (less expensive) costume for kids

2. Butterfly Wings Costume

My six-year-old received so many compliments on this costume that I decided to share it here. It’s a group effort and includes sewing, basic crafting, paint-by-numbers, glittering/sparkling, and creating the wings from scratch!
The outfit is a purple top with a butterfly applique velcroed top(for easy removal to wash), lined with light pink felt (for comfort). The skirt is made of purple tulle, with a green satin lining sewn in the bottom.
The wings are made out of gold glitter cardstock to hold shape, attached to clear plastic architecture sheeting spray painted silver. Lightly sand the backside before applying hot glue for better adherence. The jewels were cut from sticky-back craft foam and glued on top of each other for depth. Sparkly pipe cleaners were pushed through the front center and braided together at the ends before curling into antennae shapes. Reflective tape dots were added inside for added dimension.”

Best pirate costume for kids

California Costumes Precious Lil’ Pirate Toddler Costume

3. California Costumes Precious Lil’ Pirate Toddler Costume

This simple pirate costume stole my heart when I saw it. It’s so adorable! My little boy will look like a pirate in this costume, and if he doesn’t, I will be a little upset at him. So let’s get down to the details of this cute outfit.

The first thing that comes with this product is a set of boot covers that fasten securely around your child’s shoes/boots with an elastic band on the back of their calf. The material it’s made from looks great—a nice shiny black faux leather. It looks luxurious and durable, and comfortable for my son to wear for hours on end while running around at our Halloween party. A simple belt with buckle ties around the waist and two plastic toy guns are also included.

My son’s favorite part of this costume is probably the most important: the headpiece. A soft, plush tricorn pirate hat perfectly completes his outfit. He can wear it for hours on end and not complain about it at all! Since we live in hot Arizona, he even plays pirates with his friends out in our backyard while wearing the entire outfit! The only thing missing from this suit was an eye patch. Many pirate costumes come with them, but not this one, so I would suggest buying one separately before you put your little buccaneer in this costume to ensure they look just like their favorite character!

Best Wonder Woman costume for kids

4. Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child’s Costume

Many kids choose this costume for Halloween, but it comes in plenty of varieties for any time of the year.
This is one of their superhero costumes that are an action-packed female warrior outfit. It’s designed to be comfortable and durable while saving the world from crime-fighting crime at home or abroad. You will love this girl’s Wonder Woman costume because it includes everything you need to save the world. The red tank dress with an attached blue cape, the gold belt holds her sword, which can be removed if desired, gauntlets, tiara (jeweled headpiece), red boot tops (shoes not included ). This is the ensemble that she will love to wear over and over. It’s made of high-quality material, has plenty of detail for a great look. This is one of our most popular costumes because it’s designed for their comfort, durability, and fun while playing dress-up without having to mess up mommy’s things.
They are easy to make at home if you want, but this costume feels like fun on Halloween night when they can put it on themselves or get your help getting dressed, then trick or treating just in time for the holidays!

Best Batman costume for kids

5. Batman The Brave and The Bold Batman Costume with Mask

If you are looking for the best superhero costumes for Halloween, there are several to choose from. One of them is this Batman The Brave and The Bold Batman Costume with Mask.

This fantastic costume comes in child sizes S(4-6), M(7-8), L(10-12). It is made out of 100% polyester. Detachable black foam pads on the chest, shoulders, and back provide a more muscular appearance. These can be removed for washing or if your child prefers not to have padding in their costume.

There are also gold accents throughout the entire costume, with a logo on both sides of the chest piece. A soft fabric cape is attached by velcro at the neckline. This little detail makes this child superhero costume seem more authentic.

A built-in mask fits around the face and is attached to an elastic band. The cowl piece slides over your child’s head. It can be a little challenging to put on, but the wearer cannot see a thing once it is in place. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to dress up as a true superhero this Halloween without ultimately unrecognizable going out into the night.

Best Spider-Man costume for kids

6. Superhero Kids Bodysuit Halloween Costumes

I bought this for my son, who is skinny and tall. Although he’s under the recommended height range, I bought him size up to be safe. But, of course, time will tell if it fits when Halloween comes around tomorrow! It works great in the chest and waist, but I’m worried about his long legs holding! It came with a mask which was super cute- overall fantastic quality for this price!!

This costume is perfect!! The excellent quality fabric was used. It has pockets, too, which are pretty deep. The bodysuit has an attached belt at the back, so you do not have to wear one yourself! It also includes an additional orange face mask that attaches to your head via elastic that can fit into the collar of the suit itself placed over your child’s head. Finally, there is a zipper at the back of the claim for easy on/off access. The only thing I will mention as an FYI is if your child has thicker legs, this costume may be a bit difficult to pull up and down as my son is on the slim side, and it slid right off him with ease!

Best Flash costume for kids

7. DC Comics Deluxe The Flash Child’s Costume

I was not expecting anything of excellent quality, as the price was only $36, and I purchased this for my son, who is 5 (he outgrew his old Flash costume). However, it came on time and fit as expected. The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is that the mask has no elastic band to hold it up, so it always falls off. But other than that, I have no complaints!

The material seems strong enough to withstand a few kids wearing it at once, though it won’t last forever. The belt will probably snap long before the rest of the costume does, but I don’t see it being an issue for what we’re using this. The emblem itself looks good enough not to be noticeable if worn under regular clothes or something. In short, if you’re looking for a costume that will be worn again by another kid after Halloween, this is perfect! If you want something to last more than one night of wearing, best to spend a bit more on the next step up.

Best astronaut costume for kids

8. Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

What’s up, guys? I’m Mr. S here to review the Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit, part of their extensive line of space-themed apparel for kids! This suit is pretty fantastic — it’s perfect for your little dude who wants to be an astronaut or even a regular dude who just likes spaceships and astronauts! But, of course, you can’t beat the price – only $29.99 – $77.27. The material is high quality, and I know my little man will love this suit when he puts it on tomorrow morning! It’s sized perfectly with adjustable velcro straps in the legs and arms – so it’ll fit him perfectly as he grows!

Let’s talk about functionality. There are eight pieces of plastic hardware in this outfit:

  • Four of them are snaps to close the back.
  • Two are on the front (the top shot is removable).
  • Two go on the legs.

I reserved one leg piece for my pants – the velcro won’t stick very well to heavy denim. The jacket has hook and loop closures at the wrists, which will look nice pressed over a sweater sleeve! There’s also a hoodie with lovely embroidered NASA patches on it. Finally, there’s a cape that buttons into place with another snap that works as a finger puppet! So cool!

There aren’t any pockets or functional pieces, but you can’t expect too much from an outfit meant for playtime adventures. Nevertheless, this suit is going to be great fun at home and around town.

Best doctor costume for kids

9. Halloween Pumpkin Costume for Kids

There are a lot of Jack’s Lantern patterns and styles, but this one is charming. The material of the costume is quite good, and we can feel the softness by touching it. It’s an excellent way to encourage kids’ creativity. When I opened the package, I found 1*costume+1*hat+1*bag in it. And when I tried to put on my boy, he looked so happy! (There are two ways to wear: Vest with Hood or Shirtless Style) The hat has a light green color that looks great with this Pumpkin Costume for Kids. This Halloween Pumpkin Costume for Kids is very well made and durable too. All seams are solid and tight all around. If you want to find a High-quality Halloween costume without breaking your budget, this Halloween Pumpkin Costume for Kids is perfect!


Best inflatable costume for kids

10. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Unicorn Costume

This costume is so adorable. I only wish I would have ordered it a little bigger for my daughter, who is currently four years old. But she loves it and will grow into it eventually. Material is great!!!

I love this outfit! Fit as expected, excellent quality, came on time too 🙂

Halloween costume looked just like the picture and was sized correctly for my six-year-old son. He loved it!! We got lots of oohs and ahhs at Halloween night Trick or Treating! The costume’s battery pack fits easily in the pocket inside the legs to keep the cord out of the child’s way during active play, but you can also wear this without using any power source if desired. It was easy enough to blow up that I could do it with a regular foot pump. If you have an electric air pump, it will be even more accessible. The belt is adjustable, and you can tighten it as needed to fit your child. For those that are wondering, the battery pack requires four AA batteries which are not included. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.


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