Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

The Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder is an unbelievable depth finder for the tech savvy fisherman. This fish finder is compatible with either Android or Apple iOS smart phones. Take your tablet and connect through a blue tooth connection without dropping your wireless signal through your whole fishing trip.

Computerize Your Depth Finder  

Take this fish finder and go on any trip you like to find the fish. Shore fishing is especially easy with this techno amazing depth finder. Connect with your tablet for a bigger view or bring your phone for a compact perfect depth finder. The Deeper Smarter Fish finder has an app that gives exact measurements and fish location showing live real time activity. Check the weather and keep a log of your best fishing experiences with the diary that is included with this app. Maps make any trip the best and track your maps through ice and snow for the best ice fishing. Keep your spot handy on the maps using this application.

Deeper Smarter Application  

Go out on a six hour run with this great fish finder and find the hot spots easily with the echo sounder. Bluetooth connection secures up to a forty meter distance for the ideal casting. Make your fishing trip count with the sonar capability of this depth finder. The app makes your smart phone or tablet an instant weather and calendar reader for the best fishing possible. Take pictures with this App in daytime or night time fishing. Unlimited uses for any trip you want to take even just off the pier at your favorite summer time haunt.

Deeper Smarter Fish Finder is updated constantly with newer and better features for the best experiences. This is one of the best fish finders available and it casts right off turning your techno devices into fish finding capability automatically after it is cast out on the water. Use the app to find structures and activity with temperature readings that are exactly on the mark. Sensors with this fish finder will show the perfect temps for your fishing.

More Tech Savvy Features

Take a kayak with this fish finder and use the flexible arm to mount perfectly on the boat. Use this depth finder if you are a shore loving fisherman for the absolute best shore fishing experiences. Using this sonar technology you can find the fish under structures even down and below the waters to find the fish.

The features do not need an internet connection to function for the Deeper Smarter Fishfinder. You will have a secured connection through Bluetooth for your fishing trips but you do not need that connection to function on the major details of your trip. There are certain modes for this depth finder. Using an amplitude scope-mode and detail mode you can see real time images just below the surface under your fishing vessel. The vertical-flasher is on the right side of your view screen. This flasher shows the sonar view all by itself and uninterrupted.

Sleep mode protects your data and saves your battery charge for sixty days of safe return to the fish finder without having to recharge. The Bluetooth range is excellent with your limits only being from the device you are using to connect to the Deeper Smarter Fish finder.

Cast to the Perfect Location  

Attach the fish finder to a fishing line and cast from any location and the Deeper Fish Finder immediately reports after being cast out into the water. This is great for new exploration and surface to depth mysteries in structures. You can investigate all of the structure around your vessel easily knowing the hot spots and temps for the best fishing experiences. The Deeper Smarter fish finder is water resistant for a meter of water. Shock resistance is another feature of one of the best portable fish finders on the market.

Cast your line from any fresh water location and use the deeper app to find the fish for your best fishing trips possible. Use the Deeper fish finder in salt water and equip it for rough waters for the best salt water trips using your devices and technology for the edge on the trip.

Best Portable Technological Fish Finder available for purchase. The Reviews are fantastic for those who took their fishing to a whole new level with their device as a tool to enhance the fishing experience with Deeper fish finding.

Best Portable Fish Finder

This is one of the absolute best fish finders on the market for technology loving fisherman. Adjust your settlings and create your visual image through your favorite tablet or smart phone. Create your best fishing depth finding with mapping tools and diaries of your past fishing experiences. Combine the capability with the features to use the best fish finding application.

Use iTunes and Google Play to make sure your device is compatible with the Deeper Smarter Fish Finder. All devices are compatible but check to be sure your device will work properly if you have trouble with any of the features for your device.


Reviews are wonderful for the Deeper Smarter Fish Finder and a money back guarantee is included from the manufacturer if you are not immediately pleased you have the option of returning this depth finder for an excellent purchase. Fishermen love this fish finder for their favorite device adding to their entertainment value and creation ability for the best images and icons through the Deeper Smarter Application. This is an excellent buy for fishermen who love the creative tech edge on their fishing trips. The vision is yours with this technology exploration tool for your fishing trips. Shore fishing is a completely new experience with this depth finder. This fish finder is perfect for all types of fishing trips. Ice fishing and kayak fishing trips. Lake fishing is a whole new level of depth finding for fishing. Fishermen customize their depths with casting and device you use to display your view with the Deeper Smarter fish finder.

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