Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder

Hummingbird is known for the best fish finders for the money. They know depth finding and deliver with this deluxe edition fish finder. GPS location makes this fish finder elite with depth finding under structure and added imaging. Backlighting keeps the sun from your best viewing with the Humminbird Helix fish finder.

The views are a great part of the Helix with many views to choose from you can be sure of your information completely while real time fishing. This is one of the detailed imaging features of the Humminbird Helix.


Use these pages to track everything structurally and all the depths possible below while you are traveling in your boat. The down scan page shows structure and range scale. The chart page shows you current location and way points. You can customize these pages to dual with each other on screen and make combinations such as the Chart page and the Down Scan page etc. Using these in combination gives you even more information as you are detecting fish with your fish finder.

These views are easily adjusted with the pages carousel and pressing the menu option. Size your pages just like you want them and combinations are easily achieved for your customizing options on this terrific fish finder. Having these views is a major part of this fish finder with the depths and shallows accurately recorded as you travel and while in real time fishing.



The Helix Sonar provides wide screen dual beamed frequencies along with the sonar technology. Down imaging adds two dimensional viewing of the images beneath the surface o the water. Sonar is based on sound waves. The Helix provides its sounds through a sound wave signal that will reflect off of objects according to their proximity to the boat. Real time sonar provides fishermen with the edge on fishing with a seventy meter range of wave displays. The echoes adjust a new display graph when you turn the settings to side by side viewing.

Dual beaming for Ice Fishing is available through the Helix from Humminbird. If you love to ice fish there are few depth finders that can take the real punishment that extreme temperatures have on equipment. These ice fishing tools bring ice fishing to a whole new level showing the whole visual image from the bottom surface to the shallows.

Circular flasher view is the setting for Ice fishing mode on the Helix. Simply press the up and down keys to move freely through this menu setting on the Helix dashboard menu. Move the cursor from left to right and right and left cursors control the zooming tool range.




The simple display controls are a key benefit to the Helix from Humminbird. You can get all the depth finding capability with this fish finder through the menu settings and simple controls. Learn them all from the Humminbird simulator that is attached in the menu settings to educate yourself with the fishing tools this fish finder provides.

The display has dark shades to show mud and sand and hills on the bottom. Light shades show off the rocky areas on the display. White clouds show the fishing activity and shadows are the result of real fishing with the sonar shadow ad tall

If you love live imaging the Helix does not disappoint with the RTS sonar window. The images appear from the right side of the vessel. Maintenance on the Helix is easy because there is very little maintenance on this fish finder. It will last for years and years with the proper care and cleaning.

Press way point and use your cursor to enter new points on your map and even enter new icons and spots with latitude on them. You can adjust your fish finder on the sensitivity and color line manually but the Humminbird does adjust these automatically. If you love manual or automatic these are two excellent benefits of owning the Humminbird.

Protect Your Views

 Do not use gas glass cleaners on the screen because it can cause permanent damage. Do not leave your Helix in high temperatures for a long period of time. Leaving it in extreme temperatures can cause permanent damage to the marine electronics. Mild soap and water will clean your Helix properly with a light hand to the pressure when cleaning your new Helix after a vigorous run on the lake or river.

Keeping your fish finder clean and stored properly you can enjoy this great marine technology for years to come. As with any great technology it should be protected in moderately nice temps with no exposure to the elements. Do not leave the screen up against things when storing your Humminbird and keep this fish finder perfectly stored for a long future with a great fish finder.


Serious fishermen will love this fish finder for years to come. Add this to your equipment set up as you add more depth finders and keep them mounted on your vessels. This is a keeper for your avid fishing skillset. Take this unit with you out on the water faithfully and you will enjoy serious depth finding for years with the Helix.

This fish finder is optimum for the best views under the water. The sonar and down scan views are spectacular for showing the structure of the depths you are searching for fish. If you want to dually scan imaging simultaneously the Humminbird has it set up so easily to make combination viewing pages while you are fishing.

Being able to enter diaries and notes about your trips on the way point menu is also a great thing if you love to document trips and points of interest or points of safety and precaution on fishing excursions. Fishing hot spots can be remembered easily with a simple jot of notation on your waypoint menu.

Rave reviews bring customers back with Humminbird. The brand is synonymous with high quality fish finders that last for many years. Buy equipment from Humminbird for the high performance and low maintenance fish finder for your dream fishing trips.

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